February 21, 2024

heyyyyyyyy it's been a minute huh!
well, since it seems like tumblr is ACTUALLY going down the drain this time- or at least being on it is bad enough for my mental health that i'm about ready to cut ties with it for good- i figured it was about time to hop back on my neocities :)

uhhhh actually quite a lot has happened since my last blog entry. and i dont think i ever actually gave yall the rundown of my life lol? so here's just some things that have been going on-
i'm out of high school & not going to college, i have a part-time job at a restaurant (and i work weekends wooooo -_-), trying to figure out how to do Adult Things on my own for the first time. i've been on low-dose T since Dec 2022, i'm pretty happy with it but it does kinda suck that i'm still getting misgendered, just in the opposite direction this time lol.

the past week has been a lot of stress- had a dr's appointment last Wednesday (on Valentine's day lol), but then i couldn't log into my patient portal (FUCKKK patient portals fr theyre so confusing for literally no reason), and i have to switch from a pediatrician to an adult care dr, but literally nobody has told me how tf to do that lol. i have some numbers i can call but ughhhhh fuckin hate making phone calls (as does every other gen Z lol)

uhhh oh some happier notes, i've been listening to a lot of music (switched from spotify to bandcamp & downloaded music yayyy c:), i'll put some albums i've been listening to at the end
also also, found from someone else's neocities blog, this cool dithermarking site, dithermark is soooo pretty, i don't know anything abt what it is or how it works lol but it looks rad as hell!

here's some dithers of random pics i had on my phone/computer-

a dithered photo of some snowy trees, taken from inside a window a dithered photo of a sunset, with extreme shadows. trees and the roof of a building are visible a dithered photo of a galaxy, from the view of a telescope lens.

ok so funny story i actually just had to take a 30-ish minute break to go get my blood drawn. i wouldn't have mentioned it but on the drive i was getting such a SUMMER VIBE?? weird asf for February i know but let me explain
it's been like unseasonably warm (we love climate change woooo -_-). it's not like, Warm warm, the high is like 45°F & there's still snow on the ground, but it's sunny enough that my car gets warm at least- so i'm driving with my windows cracked, feeling the sun on my face, listening to summer vibes music, and like. damn i didn't realize how much i miss warm weather LMAO. i love to think that autumn's my favorite season but honestlyyyy the only reason it's not summer is i haven't had top surgery yet and my dysphoria gets terrible when i can't wear sweaters all the time lol. once that happens tho... oh man

alright i think that's uhhh probably long enough for today lol. i'll just put some albums i've been enjoying n get outta here.
have a great day yall :)

albums, feb 2024

Dark Arc by saintseneca
this album has a huge summer vibe to me- idk what it is, but it sounds exactly like feeling the warmth from the sun seeping into your skin

Apples by Louie Zong
recently took advantage of Louie's songs having free download, to get a bunch of his instrumental jazz/folk albums. seriously an insanely talented musician & songwriter

late summer by Louie Zong
another Louie album, and another great summer vibe- he perfectly captures the specific feeling in late summer, as the world begins to slow down again