September 25, 2022

Very good day today. Autumn is definitely setting in, and my gods the colder weather feels fantastic, finally I'm not constantly sweating just from existing!!

Had a nice slow morning. I snooped around my dad's office and found his Tolkein books, so I've started officially reading The Hobbit. I honestly don't know if I've read the LOTR books before- blasphemy, I know. I'm pretty sure my dad read at least the Hobbit to me as a kid, but I was too young to remember. Man I miss being read books as a kid.

I was happy to be reading, and not on my phone, but around noon I had to get dressed up and leave- my high school choir was invited to sing at a firefighter's memorial service. That was actually pretty nice- it was a lot of sitting around listening to names, and our performance was honestly mediocre, but halfway through it started raining, which was very nice. It was also held in a graveyard, so the atmosphere was just. chefs kiss. We also got to eat pork sliders from a local BBQ place so. I was very happy :-)

After getting home I made banana bread cause we had some overripe bananas, and while it was baking I decided to embroider some jeans I got from the thrift store- in July I embroidered a jean skirt for my partner (pictured below), and I was so happy with how that came out I decided to do the same sort of star-and-moon design. It came out.. significantly worse this time, but I'm not gonna let that discourage me. I think with these jeans I'm gonna gradually cover them up with embroidery over time, kind of an ongoing project whenever I feel like picking it up. I'm planning to do a matching sun on the other pant leg in yellow thread, because I am a bitch for celestial bodies in art

All in all I am fucking loving the autumn weather, and I'm SO excited for October. See you around~

Photo Gallery

My partner's skirt, done July 2022

My jeans, done September 2022. Sorry for the bad lighting