Tea Review- Underworld
The tea blend Underworld from Friday Afternoon Tea. Ingredients are aged black tea (pu-erh), black tea, pomegranate seed, dark chocolate, chicory root, and natural black cherry flavoring.

Initial thoughts: The smell is VERY overwhelmingly Cherry & Chocolate, which got me a little worried. The blend is very pretty, the leaves are very long & skinny (which made them somewhat difficult to fit into my infuser lmao)
Brewing: 200°F for 5 minutes

A tall glass mug with a handle on one end, not quite full. The tea is a rich red-brown.

Though the smell is still very Cherry, luckily the taste is a lot more mild! Very mild in fact. I may not have brewed it for long enough
Tastes like a chocolate truffle with black cherry filling. When you can taste it.

Final Review: 8/10. I wish I could taste the flavors more, especially the black tea itself. I'm mostly just getting hints of cherry chocolate on every other sip.