Tea Review- Grey Wanderer
The tea blend Grey Wanderer from Friday Afternoon Tea. Ingredients are White tea, yarrow flower, cardamom, roasted yaupon holly, pine-smoked black tea, and blue cornflower.

Initial thoughts: On first whiff the smell reminds me a lot of Shadow Self, covered in a previous review; likely the pine-smoked tea leaves; but with further investigation the scent shifts into something else. I have a hard time describing it; it's not quite earthy, a little spicy, almost nutty?
Brewing: 180°F for 3-5 minutes

A full cup of tea, next to a mostly-empty glass teapot. Steam obscures the inside of the teapot, but you can see tea leaves held in an infuser inside it. In the cup, you can just barely see the head of a bear figure peeking out.

Rainy day today, plus my throat is a little sore, so it's a perfect time for tea :)
Fun fact: This blend is based on Gandalf from LOTR.

I can definitely pick out the pine smoke, but it's a background note in this blend; I'm pretty sure I can only recognize it because of my previous experience with smoke as a flavor.
I haven't had too much white tea before, so I'm afraid I can't really pick it out in this brew; however the flavor overall is quite delicious and interesting. Perfect for the weather I've chosen to pair it with :)

Final Review: 9/10. The tea has a smooth base, with sparks of magic and firework smoke sitting atop. I think the description on the website matches this one perfectly, and it's very well suited to the character it's modeled after.