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to do

  • childhood CDs shrine (WIP)
  • band!au/ carwash kids shrine

  • might just change the whole layout at some point
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welcome to my page

this is my silly little webbed site :3 i made this as an alternative to social media (since modern social media is so incredibly bad for my mental health), and developed a genuine interest in coding along the way. i love designing things, and being able to make what's in my head into an actual, interactable webpage is like magic to me.

i was born in the mid 2000s, so i was a bit late for the actual Old Web, but most of my online childhood was on sites like girlgogames, coolmathgames, club penguin, public minecraft servers, etc- i'm really glad i didn't have to grow up on twitter, and i'm sad that there's not any good online spaces for children nowadays.

This site was made in firefox and has not been tested for other browsers/ monitor sizes. Not mobile friendly
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sites i likes

the sound of a fingernail scraping against teeth Brugmansia Manor Banner Swifty's HQ!

update log

nov 30, '23- added a picrew of myself and removed the chatbox since nobody used it lol

nov 22, '23- updated a bunch of my fav albums. i feel bad that i dont do big updates, but im still paying attention to this place!

dec 10, '22- made a sidepage/shrine for my dnd blorbos, addyline

nov 11, '22- changed the guestbook hosting, cause smartgb did. Somethin and refused to let me link to it. smh. New one looks better tho tbh >:)

nov 2, '22- got the chatbox to look good!! tysm Floris Rietman for letting me know how to do that :'D

oct 14, '22- FINALLY have my boxes' widths set with pixels and not percents, so now the site doesnt look absolute dogshit on mobile lol

oct 5, '22- made a page for random lists. Coded on mobile while lying in bed lol

oct 2, '22- added some stuff to my halloween trick or treat basket :-)

sept 28, '22- finally started working on the CD shrine, but i dont have the brain energy to make it work how i want rn. at least i started tho!

sept 27, '22- Rearranged some stuff & finishing touches on the halloween page

sept 26, '22- FINALLY finished my Halloween page & added a poll, mostly bc I'm curious if anyone has my button on their site lol

sept 25, '22- updated some stuff on my spacehey, put a bunch of my poetry on my blog, and put a bunch of quiz results in my about!

sept 20, '22- added a graduation countdown & made a new blog layout (no longer an external link yippee)

sept 14, '22- finally managing to look at this after that good good Post-Hyperfixation Dreadtm. Updated the sdv shrine, working on a halloween page

sept 4, '22- NEW LAYOUT!! (party popper) WOO

sept 3, '22- working a lot on the new site layout :) veryvery excited for that to go live

sept 1, '22- yesterday and today i made a spacehey- yesterday was the profile, today was a blog post. veryvery happy with how it looks. Planned out a new homepage for this site in a journal, i started experimenting with code but it needs a lot of work. I got approved for the trans webring but the button doesnt work rn :'( i promise i really am in there, i think something's not working on the host end

aug 30, '22- OK apparently the music player was messing with the iframe, which is. Annoying! But at least it's working now. The stardew valley shrine should be ready soon!! EDIT: It's ready for the public eye!! check it out here!!

aug 28, '22- fuck iframe fr. death and hatred on planet earth

aug 27, '22- lots of work on the sdv shrine. that nav bar is giving me a lotta grief. despaired at the unorganized state of my neocities home folder. moved the dnd quiz into a new folder and began remaking the sdv page entirely bc i had a new idea

aug 26, '22- updated red's dnd quiz, added some new songs to the music player, made a badge, edited the bg. started working on the stardew valley page

aug 25, '22- made the whole thing!! was up till 2 am. added falling leaves, a music player, and. a lotta other stuff

how did you find my site? free polls

there's no good place to put this but i also made a quiz about my dnd characters so. yeah